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With our premium range of seasonings, meticulously crafted for the meat, fisheries, bakery and dairy industries.


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We also cater to the distinct tastes of game and HoReCa establishments. Unleash the essence of exquisite flavors and aroma in your products with Scarpio's expertise.


Premium Food Flavorings and Spices

Scarpio offers a premium selection of food flavorings and spices known for their exceptional quality, elevating the taste and appeal of your culinary creations.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Industries

Scarpio specializes in providing tailored flavoring solutions designed to meet the unique requirements of meat, fisheries, bakeries and dairies industries, as well as game and HoReCa establishments.

Exquisite Taste and Aroma Enhancement

With Scarpio, you can enhance the taste and aroma of your products, creating sensory experiences that delight the senses and leave a lasting impression.

Culinary Creativity Unleashed

Scarpio's products empower chefs and food professionals to unlock their culinary creativity, offering a palette of flavors to innovate and craft extraordinary dishes.


Scarpio OÜ was founded in 2000. The company began its active economic activities in 2003 as the representative of GewürzMühle Nesse in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Our product range includes spices, additives, marinades, soy proteins, animal proteins, various fibers, starch, egg powders, flavors and extracts, and other products essential for the food industry. We also offer equipment, technological solutions, recipe optimization, and training.

The company's slogan - "Live life with a little spice!" - is connected to our vision. We aim to be and remain a company that ensures customer satisfaction by providing the opportunity to produce tasty and high-quality food products.

Our mission is to understand the needs of our customers and offer them the most suitable solutions. In doing so, we save customers time, improve the taste and quality of their food products, and enhance the profitability of their products.

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Product Development Support

Product Development Support

Scarpio provides product development assistance, working closely with clients to enhance existing recipes or create new, innovative food products, ensuring they are flavorful and market-ready.

Consultation and Training

Consultation and Training

Scarpio can offer consultation and training services to educate clients on the effective use of their flavorings and spices, helping culinary professionals optimize their usage for superior taste and aroma in their dishes.

Custom Flavor Formulations

Custom Flavor Formulations

Scarpio can create tailored flavor formulations to meet the unique taste profiles and requirements of various food businesses, helping them develop signature products that stand out in the market.

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Cooking made easy

Scarpio simplifies cooking and enhances your culinary journey. We understand that the world of food can be complex, and that's why we're here to make it easier for you. Our range of food flavorings and spices is thoughtfully crafted to save you time and effort in the kitchen.

With Scarpio, you can easily transform ordinary dishes into extraordinary creations. Our precisely balanced flavors and spices eliminate the guesswork, so you can achieve consistent, delectable results every time. Whether you're a professional chef or a home cook, our products streamline the cooking process, allowing you to focus on your creativity and the joy of preparing mouthwatering meals. Experience the ease and satisfaction of cooking with Swedarom, where we turn complexity into simplicity and elevate your dishes to new heights.




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Product categories

Meat Industries

Meat Industries

Elevate the flavor of your meat products with our premium meat seasonings, marinades, and rubs. From succulent barbecue blends to tenderizing injections, Scarpio has the perfect solution to make your meats mouthwateringly delicious.



Experience the essence of dairy excellence with our cheese flavor enhancers, culture blends for yogurt and dairy products, and seasonings for milk-based beverages. Scarpio adds the magic touch to your dairy offerings.



Elevate your culinary offerings with Scarpio's bulk spice blends, custom flavor solutions, and signature seasonings. Whether you're a hotel, restaurant, or catering business, we're here to enhance your menu and elevate your cuisine.

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